We are all volunteers and have joined together to honor our healthcare and scientist heroes. We could use lots of help. Here are the key areas in which you might be interested…

  • Identifying and evaluating the best stories. We want to highlight a dozen healthcare workers whose stories are so special and so extraordinary that they need to be selected to come on stage at our Celebration Gala to represent their peers in the community.
  • Hosts for our distinguished scientists. We will have perhaps a dozen of the most famous scientists from around the world, each of whom helped pioneer the breakthroughs in the discovery, development or deployment of the successful vaccines, being honored at our Celebration Gala.
  • Help at the Celebration Gala. We’ll need volunteers to staff the Welcome Table that will check in the potentially 800 guests, including VIPs, honorees, sponsors, donors and press.
  • At large. As in any big program, tasks come up that no one thought of. If you’d like to pitch in when and where needed, just let us know!

To volunteer, just fill out the form on this page with details on how you'd like to help.


We need YOUR help to make this a true Celebration.

Nominate: We want to help tell the real life stories of those who went that extra step for patients… coworkers… family members. Nominate those unsung heroes today!

Volunteer: We can use all the help we can get, including helping us find unsung heroes - serving as an event host to one of our heroes and honored scientists - helping us at our Celebration Gala Events.

Donate: Any amount will help… You can do it in the name of a Nominated Hero above or just to help us with our goal of providing ongoing Mental Health support for all who gave so much to get us through the pandemic.