Celebration of


Though conditions and statistics are changing on a daily basis, The USA is coming back after more than 49 million cases and over 798,000 deaths. Orange County was a big part of those numbers with more than 321,000 cases and 5,400 deaths.

It could have been worse, and it would be worse if it were not for the sacrifices made in the physical, mental, and financial health of the men and women in health care who are protecting us, healing us, and supporting and caring for our loved ones who were, and some who are, stricken. 38 Million have recovered!

We’re coming back to work, school, and our lives because of the men and women who created the science and developed the vaccines that are protecting us from severe sickness and possible death.

Don’t overlook our everyday-everywhere heroes, like our teachers, grocery clerks, and the angels at the senior centers. Where would we or our family and friends be without those men and women?

We will be celebrating and honoring our exemplary healthcare workers, our everyday-everywhere heroes, and distinguished scientists in Spring 2022.

We owe a debt of gratitude that will be hard to repay. But we will start by celebrating our Heroes, all together and as a community. We aren’t coming back because we’re tired of the virus. We’re coming back because so many cared so much to find a way to defeat the virus. The Celebration of Heroes is intended to make a very loud and very clear statement, on behalf of all of Orange County, to these Heroes. Though the battle continues, we need to honor these men and women and to join together, with one voice and shared joy, to express our gratitude.



Hummingbirds should not be able to fly.
Yet, they do – forward, backward, sideways, or upside down.

Powered by heart, agility and skill,
They are a symbol of what’s possible
When all others say it’s not.



On Friday, April 29, we will host our Distinguished Scientists in a conversation with the public. This is the world’s chance to both hear their stories and ask the questions you’ve wanted asked.

The Celebration Gala Dinner and other planned events are intended to gather our community together to acknowledge and recognize these Heroes in Celebration.

If you are interested in helping us, please consider nominating a hero, volunteering, or donating to the Celebration of Heroes.


We need YOUR help to make this a true Celebration.

Nominate: We want to help tell the real life stories of those who went that extra step for patients… coworkers… family members. Nominate those unsung heroes today!

Volunteer: We can use all the help we can get, including helping us find unsung heroes - serving as an event host to one of our heroes and honored scientists - helping us at our Celebration Gala Events.

Donate: Any amount will help… You can do it in the name of a Nominated Hero above or just to help us with our goal of providing ongoing Mental Health support for all who gave so much to get us through the pandemic.